HOT Lunch: An immersive fundraiser and dance party

By Bare Portland Theater (other events)

Thursday, May 10 2018 7:00 PM 10:00 PM

An immersive carnival of adolescence / middle school dance

Plumb the depths of your 14 year old psyche and support Bare Portland, your local site-specific theater collective.

Tickets: $15 | $10 after 8:30

Join us for a carnival-style exploration of your favorite and least favorite middle school past-times including:
-Scholastic Book Fair
-Sex ed with Sister Kaylee 
-Pie your crush/bully/teacher/self in the face
-D.A.R.E. class with Officer Thought Police
-The presidential physical fitness awards
-Inexplicable ocean-themed photo booth
-Cash bar

& more...

Your $15* ticket includes an immersive theatrical experience, all-you-can-eat chicken nuggets, french bread pizza and juice boxes, PLUS middle school dance after-party featuring jams from someone's middle experience, maybe yours. Feel free to come dressed as your middle school self and reclaim that terrible 7th grade yearbook photo. 

*Just want to come dance? $10 tickets after 8:30 pm!

Bring your crush! Bring a chaperone!

Judy, the school gossip, also told us that there may be a **Season Announcement** at this event.